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Before delving deeper into the MSI Kombustor, let us talk about why we need MSI Kombustor. What makes it so popular? Why is it a very powerful benchmarking tool?

Let us assume that we are about to buy a new game. But we don’t know about the stability, performance level, and power of our system’s graphics card. In this case, we will always have a piece of doubt in our mind whether a particular game I am going to buy will work or not in our system. To address such a problem, we will need the MSI Kombustor.

By using this software, we can check our graphics capacity, utility, and performance level to know what type of game is suitable for our PC. This software will address such doubt. And this is the reason why it is so popular among gaming users and web developers. That’s not all!!. Besides this, it has many amazing features about which we will discuss in detail in the article.

Thus, it is not very hard to say MSI Kombustor is cutting edge software for benchmarking the graphics. And therefore, it is a must-have kind of software for those who are obsessed with playing powerful games like Quantum Break, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield-5, etc. which require very powerful PC Graphics.

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What is MSI Kombustor?

One of the best GPU Benchmarking and Stress Test Tool

MSI Kombustor is an effective tool for benchmarking the computer’s graphics card. This application enables us to assess the graphics card power and the state of GPU so that we can find out which game is going to work or support our computer system. By using this tool, we can know the stress of our GPU and graphics card.

MSI Kombustor is a powerful benchmarking software designed to test the very limits of the graphics card and provide valuable insights about the state of GPU, its peak capabilities, and other various important statistics. Over a while, MSI Kombustor has emerged out as one of the most trusted and popular tools for testing the capabilities of GPU cards. Currently, this app is used not only by regular PC users and gaming enthusiasts but also by web and video game developers to oversee the real performance level of the installed GPU card in no time.

What is a more interesting thing about this tool is that for using MSI Kombustor, you don’t have to be a techy guy as it has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It is specially designed by keeping in mind the interest of gaming users and web developers.


Some super exciting features of MSI Kombustor

Free of cost

MSI combustor is free benchmarking software. This means gamers and web developers can test their graphics performance and stability at absolutely no cost.

GPU Temperature Monitoring

MSI Kombustor also gives information about GPU Temperature monitoring. The tool will display real-time GPU core temperature and load.

A powerful tool for benchmarking GPU

MSI Kombuster provides the ultimate and effective analysis of the entire GPU.

As a result of this, it also informs about the information about the temperature of the GPU as well as the stress load of the GPU on a real-time basis.

Simple and User-friendly interface

No need to be the technical expert for using this tool as it is quite easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Customize software Interface

The software interface is very customized for all kind of needs. Plus, it is available in two sizes so that users can select the size as per their needs and suitability.

Various Modes

The tool is pretty simple yet powerful. It gives the ability to run several tests. The very basic thing about this is the GPU stress test, which you can run with Afterburner or separately as well. There is also an Xtreme Burning Mode for Xtreme testers.

Afterburner support

It also provides the afterburner support and after you are done with the stress test, you can easily overclock the speed of the GPU.

Besides this, by linking the Kombustor with the afterburner you get to know about the complete analysis of the GPU at your one click.

The option of Screen Size Selection

There are two screen size options available, the one is standard and another is custom. Users can opt for any of these two as per their choice. Apart from this, you can also select full screen or windowed screen for each test that you run in the MSI Kombustor.


MSI Kombustor is maintained and developed by MSI, which specifically manufacture Windows built-in laptops and computers.

So, you can download MSI Kombustor for Windows OS only. 

MSI Kombustor for Windows

This software is available in two different architectures; 32-bit and 64-bit.

You can go to the download page by clicking on the below button and then select the preferred package for your computer.


MSI Kombustor is a benchmarking software tool for Windows to test your graphics card limits and oversee its performance level.

In a nutshell, It put stress over the GPU to provide the data and statistics. MSI Kombustor uses the system GPU more from its capability and examines it. Later on, when the process is finished, it gives complete detailed information.

Stressing GPU through MSI Kombustor depends on system spaces and its caliber. A usual stress test varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

It is specially designed for the windows users only and not for the macOS or any other. 

Yes, it is completely free.